ABOUT ‘Total Refurb’

TOTAL REFURB INVESTMENTS  is a specialist company in high quality refurbishment and fitting out. Our focus is on developing a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients and delivering value and excellence in every aspect of our service.

We bring the highest levels of commitment and experience to interior projects. Our mission is to help clients realise their vision for their buildings and deliver a service that pushes the limits of what should be expected from the industry.

We are experienced in all aspects of the planning, design and construction processes and are capable of working under all forms of contract. Professional teamwork, expert decision making and effective communication are qualities we have long embraced in delivering each project to our client’s satisfaction.

Our belief in customer service and in building lasting relationships is the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Our staff are seasoned professionals, experienced in their fields and determined to excel in every project they complete.

Our philosophy of total team commitment, trust and mutual respect, have led to an extremely high percentage of repeat business with both clients and consultants.We want our Clients and our Consultants not for one project but for life.

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